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How to Create and Manage Maintenance Items
Last Updated 6 years ago

  • Add the Operations on Maintenance Manager
  • Add the Operation Name
  • Go to Maintenance Schedule to create it.
    • Edit the vehicle
    • Click Maintenance Schedule
    • Click Add Schedule
    • Select a Service name as the Operation you added from Tools and Settings above
Maintenance can be created based on:
  • Odometer: 1500
  • Engine Hours: 2500
  • Days: 5 (in 5 days)
  • Months: 2 (in 2 months)
  • Day of the Week: Monday
  • Day of the Month: 15 (on 15 of the month)

if this a recurring schedule, for in order to receive future reminder

Auto Log: You should check Auto Log, this will create the Maintenance History and save the actual, Odometer, Engine Hours that the device currently has.

And that will be the starting point for the platform to start counting.

It is recommended you create a Maintenance Schedule with 1 option, like based on Odometer or Engine Hours, or Time Based. Don’t schedule an operation with all the options at once.

You will need to setup a reminder so when the maintenance is due, to receive an email notification

Tools and Settings > Subscribe to Reminder

Once you select the Group Name, Maintenance that are due for any vehicle item on this group, the platform will be sending an email notification with the information.

See attachment for step by step information.

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