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How do I Configure Alert Triggers?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Configure Alert Triggers
This section allows you to manage alert triggers. You can create new alerts, assign security privileges, and modify existing alerts. Alert triggers are based on event codes from the GPS unit. Contact your account rep for more details on how to create a new alert.

To edit an alert click on the pencil next to an alert trigger.

Trigger Name: the name of the alert as it appears in the Setup Alerts section and on the Tracking page.
Description: description of the alert.
Subject: subject contents of the email if the alert is delivered to an email account.
Body: body of the email if the alert is delivered to an email account.
Visible: controls if the alert is displayed in the Setup Alerts section.
Alert Image: default alert image.
Alert Sound: default alert sound.
Show Frequency: display the schedule for when the alert is recorded when setting up an alert.
Show Value: display the threshold or value textbox when setting up an alert. This is useful for temperature or speeding alerts.
Threshold Value: Free Text Entry: the hardware event code for the alert trigger. The event code comes from the GPS unit.
Group Permission: the users that have rights to setup the alert.

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