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How do I edit Map Options?
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Map Options

Trace Line Color (0000FF): color of the line that is used to represent the route of an item. The color has to be entered in hexadecimal.2.
2. Map Refresh Interval (Seconds): how often the map refreshes.
3. Display Mini Map: location map in the lower right corner of the main map.
4. Default View Mode: type of map that is displayed by default when opening a map.
5. Session Show Label: show session label on map.
6. History Session Show Label: show session label on history map.
7. Landmark Show Label: display label for landmark on map.
8. Geofence Show Label: display label for geo-fence on map.
9. Show Temperature Label: show temperature label on map.
10. Display Trace Line: line that represents the route an item traveled.
11. Numbering Position: order that the positions are labeled when viewing historical routes or 
displaying more than one position.
12. Display Temperature: display temperature information on the callout box.
13. Display Battery: display battery level on the callout box.
14. Display Battery Voltage: display battery voltage on the callout box.
15. Display Progress on Track Page: displays trip progress on map.
16. Display Ignition Status: indicate if the vehicle is on/off on the callout box.
17. Display Altitude: display altitude data on the callout box
18. Display Heading: display direction item is moving on the callout box.
19. Display Satellite Message Indicator: display message from satellite communication.
20. Default Country: default country for language formatting.

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