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How do I create a Maintenance Reminder?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Maintenance Reminder
To receive a maintenance reminder via email you have to setup a reminder subscription. A vehicle maintenance reminder requires that a maintenance schedule be setup.

Criteria for a Reminder
To receive a reminder the current vehicle odometer reading must be greater than the odometer reading of the last vehicle maintenance history record plus the maintenance schedule interval. For example, a reminder will be sent if the current odometer is 49,001 miles and the last maintenance record is 46,000 miles and the interval is 3,000.

1. Click on Tools and Settings.
2. Click on Subscribe To Reminder.
3. Click on Add Reminder Subscription.
4. Select Vehicle Maintenance Reminder from the Reminder Name dropdown menu.
5. Enter a Subject textbox, for example, “Oil Change Reminder”.
6. Enter an email address in the To textbox.
7. Click on the checkbox next to the Group you want to assign this reminder to.
8. Click on the Save button.

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